Meadowcroft Studio is designed to provide a relaxing environment for tracking, programming and mixing, and you are welcome to book the studio for any part of the recording process, or for a complete project - from demo to mastered CD.

The live room is of a reasonable size, allowing simultaneous tracking of up to 3 musicians, although most larger projects would require a multi tracked approach. The studio runs on Apple Mac G5 Protools HD2, and is a completely digital mixing environment, incorporating plugins from Waves, Oxford Audio, URS and TL Audio. We also have Cubase, Logic Pro and a whole heap of soft synths from Spectrasonics, Scarbee, Native Instruments and East West Sample Libraries. Please see the gear list for more specific information.

The studio is also equipped with a wide range of mics and preamps including Neumann U87, AKG 414's, Rode NTK, Neve 1073A Preamps, TL Audio and a hand built Broadhurst Gardens preamp. The MP3 player on the right is loaded with tracks that have been made at Meadowcroft Studio.

Prices are below, but for any larger projects I recommend getting in touch to discuss the details and I can provide a more accurate quote.



As a rough guide, prices are usually between £200 to £300 per day depending on your needs, and that includes an engineer. Please use the contact form here for more details