Given the specialist requirements for playback systems, every package is customised to suit an artist's needs, and these are available to rent or purchase.

We work with all common systems including Fostex, Alesis, ProTools, Logic, Cubase and Ableton Live, but we specialise in building these systems to fit the specific needs of a show - there are so many ways to approach this and different bands need different solutions.

As well as supplying the equipment, we are often hired to come in to rehearsals or on tour to programme all the audio required, usually from the original album stems but we can also build tracks from scratch if required. Again, the prices can be found on the link below but feel free to get in touch for more detailed information.


PA Rentals

As well as supplying musicians, 10dB can also supply most equipment needed for live shows. This includes PA, mixing desks and other essential items.

For PA rentals we work closely with a number of smaller independant companies that specialise in high end audio equipment. We don't aim to compete with larger rental companies on scale, instead acting as a mediary to connect smaller companies to new clients, where budget may be the primary concern. Smaller companies naturally have less overheads, which means they can be very competitive on prices...just drop us a message on the contact form for more information.



More info / quotation

If you are client with a specific request, please fill in this short contact form with your requirements ..